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Garden Route Adventures

Get away to the Garden Route, South Africa

Located approximately four hours outside of Cape Town, a trip along the famous Garden Route (South Africa) will see you encounter breathtaking stretches of coastline, peppered with lush green flora and rolling mountainscapes. The Garden Route meanders through homely fishing towns, as well as bustling hot spots. On this tour, apart from the picture-perfect Garden Route views, you will also get the chance to explore the world-famous Cango Caves, experience an ostrich safari and take in awe-inspiring natural wonders, such as the Tsitsikamma National Park. There is something to delight the whole family along this magical tour. 

The history of the garden route

This famous stretch of coast is dotted with several towns all rich in history and culture - giving you a truly South African experience. The Garden Route National Park covers 157 000 hectares of land and further boosts the Garden Route as a premier tourist destination. One of the larger towns along the Garden Route is George - the sixth oldest town in South Africa. George was first founded under British rule and was named after the reigning monarch in 1811, King George III. George also boasts the Outeniqua forests which is famously known as the very reason the Dutch East India Company established a woodcutters outpost here.  The Garden Route is also home to the popular town of Oudtshoorn, also known as the "Capital of the Klein Karoo". Founded in 1847, Oudtshoorn was established by the Dutch Reformed Church as a “kerkplaats” (church farm) and was named after Baron Pieter van Rheede van Oudtshoorn who was Governor of the Cape. This semi-arid valley boasts exciting adventures: the Cango Caves - the biggest stalagmite formations in the world set in Precambrian (a time about 4500 million years ago) limestone; as well as interactive activities at the Ostrich Farm. View the old feather palaces and tour the farm with the possibility of the very unique experience of riding an ostrich.

A melting pot of culture

The Garden Route’s many towns and villages creates a melting pot of cultures (from indigenous to European and everything in between) and is a great example of the mixture of people that live in South Africa. A Garden Route road trip is, therefore, one of the most memorable and scenic activities you can enjoy during your holiday. The San people arrived in the Garden Route approximately 20 000 years ago and the Khoi about 1 500 - 2 000 years BC. Their strong influence and legacy can be seen in artefacts left behind which suggests that the San and Khoi lived in harmony with the land, inhabiting caves along the coast and fishing, gathering roots and wild plants and hunting small mammals in the nearby forests. With the arrival of Europeans in the area around the 17th Century, the Garden Route was met with further European influence, culture and interesting lineage, making it an area rich in multiculturalism and ethnic diversity up until today.

Garden Route activities: What to do & see

Explore the Garden Route with ILIOS with their classic tour: a four-day itinerary covering everything from Route 62 to an Ostrich Safari, Cango Caves and the breathtaking Tsitsikamma National Park and Storms River. The tour also includes luxury 4-star accommodation, 3 breakfasts and 3 dinners. If you prefer something a little different, ILIOS’s Garden Route bike tour is perfect for you: see the sights and sounds on two wheels - contact ILIOS for more information. Want to experience the postcard-perfect Garden Route in South Africa? Contact ILIOS Travel to find out more.

  • 9 Hours R 1,450

    ILIOS Cape Winelands Private Tour or Scheduled Excursion

    ILIOS Cape Winelands Private Tour

    ILIOS Cape Winelands Private Tour

    ILIOS Cape Winelands Private Tour or Scheduled Excursion

    9 Hours R1,450